The Final Answer Key will be released in June 2021. CLAT 2021 Answer Key contains correct answers to all the questions which were asked in the examination.

  • The Legal Reasoning section of CLAT 2021 had 39 questions in total. It had 8 passages
  • You can go through it and download the answer key of the exam from this page
  • As for CLAT 2021, the exam was successfully conducted on May 26 in pen-paper mode
  • CLAT Result 2021 to be out today @ consortiumofnlus.ac.in: Here's how to check
  • Focus on what problems you face in the English section while taking CLAT mock tests
  • 30000 + topic wise questions with detailed explanatory answers uploaded onto your student zone account
  • Download CLAT PG Answer Key
  • Q: How can I improve my legal reasoning skills for the CLAT 2021 exam
  • Candidates were invited to raise objections to the issued answer key before September 29

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The questions were from easy to moderate. Out of 50 questions, 35 questions were based on Principle Facts and 15 were Legal GK questions. The majority of students stated that the legal reasoning section was quite easy.

The Consortium of National Law Universities has published the final CLAT 2021 answer keys. The final answer key of CLAT has been published as a modification to the provisional CLAT 2021 answer key released on the day of exam.


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CLAT Paper Analysis turns out to be a mandate for all law aspirants as it gives a glimpse of how the paper may look like in the upcoming sessions. As for CLAT 2021, the exam was successfully conducted on May 26 in pen-paper (offline) mode. According to the experts, the overall difficulty level of CLAT 2021 was low, though it was lengthy due to several legal reasoning questions. In comparison to the previous year’s paper, several questions in the legal aptitude section were from legal reasoning which made the paper lengthy.

Answers to the questions on Penn Foster exams are not available online. This is to prevent students from cheating.

  • Marks Calculation Process using CLAT 2021 Answer Key
  • The answer keys will be uploaded in advance, on May 12
  • Visit CLATalogue for more legal reasoning practice questions for CLAT 2021
  • Those Candidates Appear in the Exam Can Check the Answer Key
  • Q: How do I choose the best books for CLAT 2021
  • Q: How long does it take to prepare for CLAT 2021

Considering the differences between statistical and judgmental sampling, which of the following statements about statistical sampling is true? A. No judgment is required, because everything is computed according to a formula. B. A smaller sample can be used.


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Candidates can check their answer keys only through online mode. The University will declare the provisional answer (visit this web-site) key in June 2021. It will be made available in PDF format. Students will also be able to make objections against the provisional answer key from June 2021 by logging in to the website and clicking on the button provided for provisional answer key objections.

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CLAT Counselling 2021 will get started in June 2021. It will be conducted for admission to UG and PG law degree programs. The admission will be provided through centralized counseling. The counseling process will take place in four rounds.


The difficulty level of this section was low. Questions were majorly from Arrangements, Directions, Blood Relations, Series, and Syllogisms. Verbal Reasoning had 12 questions based on analogy, vocabulary, odd one out and syllogisms. Questions on topics such as Statement Argument, Statement-Assumption were only one or two in number.

Consortium on Sept 28, 2021 conducts Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) as a national level entrance exam for admissions to undergraduate (LLB & others) and postgraduate (LLM & others) Law programmes offered by 22 National Law Universities around the country. The online examination was conducted following the Govt of India guidelines for Covid19. The examination was conducted in online mode at allotted exam centres across the country.


A: You can follow the simple tips listed below to improve your legal reasoning skills. Read the principle very carefully. Try to limit your scope of understanding and applying the law to the stated principles.

Since there are no specific time limits for any section, you can follow any order while attempting. However, it is better to start with the General knowledge and current affairs section. It carries questions which you would either know or be unaware of. You can get over with this section in no time and rest assured of at least 30-40 marks if your GK preparation has been good.


Suppose, students filled up JEE Mains form for 2021. Due to repeated postponements of JEE, IIT Kharagpur decided to opt out of JEE mains and conducted its own separate Test. On which of the following grounds the decision of IIT Kharagpur can be challenged?

Official CPC Certification Study Guide: This study guide reviews each section of the CPC exam in detail and provides practical examples/sample questions/test taking techniques. CPC Online Practice Exam: The three 50-question online practice exams emulate the content and difficulty level of the actual.


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CLAT Answer Key 2021 –

Ans: The CLAT 2021 answer key has the details of correct answers to all the questions asked in the examination. Candidates can download them in PDF format.


As for CLAT UG, the questions asked will be from 12th standard. The Quantitative Techniques section will be from 10th standard level.

I want to thank you for helping me practice well in controlled conditions from any place. It gave me a lot of confidence and I took the tests while travelling too.


Candidates may have objections if they find any question(s) wrong or there any discrepancies in the question paper. Candidates will be able to file objections from June 2021 against the incorrect questions or their answer options with an online representation system.

As reported earlier, the Consortium of NLUs has decided to release the provisional answer key for CLAT 2021 exam on the day of the exam itself, to expedite the process of post-exam processing. In line with this though process, candidates have been given a limited time period of just 1 day to raise challenges or file objections against the CLAT 2021 Answer Key. CLAT (check my blog) 2021 aspirants who feel that the answers provide in the official answer keys are wrong can raise objections until midnight of 29th Sept.


Consortium released CLAT 2021 Final Answer Key on October 5, 2021. Previously, On October 03, 2021, Consortium released a clarification stating to drop the questions and answers that are incorrect, since a large number of candidates have raised unnecessary objections.

FAQs about CLAT Answer Key

C above, but has obtained 85% marks in the 12th Std. Science examination, should be referred to the Principal.


If four series of question papers have been conducted, separate answer keys for each of them will be published

It was further submitted on behalf of the Respondents that they were not given an opportunity before the benefit that was promised, was taken away. To appreciate this contention of the Respondents, it is necessary to understand the concept of legitimate expectation.

Students were required to follow the safety protocols and maintain distance at all points of times. The CLAT 2021 Exam Pattern was revised and the Legal Aptitude section was replaced with Legal Reasoning and the total number of questions was also reduced to 150 from 200.


Legal reasoning section was dominated by contract law, criminal law followed by constitutional law and torts questions. Surprisingly, there were no questions from Intellectual Property, Family Law or International law. In all, the section was from easy to moderate level.

The exam conducting body will also allow the candidates to challenge any misrepresentations in the CLAT 2021 question paper. Candidates must note that all challenges or objections should be supported with backing documents that provide proof of their claim.


PG CLAT 2021: The Online Computer Based test featured an emphasis on the Comprehension abilities of the students. The exam consisted of 120 minutes duration, with one sections: The first section included a total 120 objective-type questions, each carrying 1 mark. There is a negative marking of 0/25 marks for every wrong answer.

CLAT is a law entrance exam consisting of both UG and PG courses. The selection in CLAT will allow a student to study in National Law Universities (NLUs). As Law is a dynamic subject, hence it cannot be studied in isolation without any association with other subjects like political science, economics, etc. Getting into an NLU will provide students the best environment and platform to study this dynamic field. The following are some of the benefits of CLAT. You will stop seeing movies as mere entertainment. You can analyze the facts discussed in movies like Article 15, Jokar - Dark Knight, are true or not. Law courses open up a lot of different avenues. You will get to learn many things. Lawyers are not taught only about Law.

  • If required, the administration will issue an amended answer key on May 20
  • The answer key will be opened on the screen in a pdf format
  • CLAT 2021 Answer Key – Discrepancies
  • CLAT 2021 was held on September 28 at 300 centres across the country
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  • Clat answer keys on May 12
  • How to Download CLAT Final Answer Key
  • Q: What should I read in the last month of CLAT preparation
  • The final answer key will be generated a few days after that
  • Does Anyone Know The Answers To The Testout Questi. Chegg.com

There is a negative marking in CLAT. You must, therefore, be careful in the choice of questions.


The cutoff will be the minimum score for all the applicants to qualify for the exam. The applicants who will score equal to or above the CLAT cutoff will be able to appear for the counselling rounds.

The passages were time-consuming. This section had only 2 questions based on analytical reasoning.


Raja has secured 80% marks in the entrance test and can pay admission fee of Rs 24,000 at the time of admission. He has secured 55% marks in the 12th Std. Science examination with Mathematics.

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CLATalogue Questions to Practice Passage Based Decision Making Comments Feed

Consortium of Law Universities has officially released the CLAT Answer Key 2021 for the recently concluded entrance examination. Taking into consideration the delay in holding of the exam, the process of post examination has been expedited by the exam authority.

The original plan by the CLAT Consortium was to have 10 passages, with 10 questions per passage and a subjective part. However, the subjective part was dropped and the number of passages was increased.


You should take at least one mock test every day. For the past few days, try to solve two to three mock tests every day.

Q: How many mock tests do I need to take in the last month to pass the CLAT exam

As per the analysis, the section was a bit lengthy and the reading comprehension was quite tricky. Again, the section was considered to be the most predictable one. Fill in the blanks, sentence correction, spelling correction, error detection questions dominated the section. The reading comprehension was lengthy (800 words) and tricky. There were no vocabulary based questions.


You are given the following cases as on 1st Sep, 1996. Depending upon the information provided in each case and based on the criteria mentioned above, recommend your decision.

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Law entrance exams may not appear to be as competitive as engineering or medical entrance exams, but the candidates who opt for CLAT tend to be focused and intent on getting admitted to their dream law campus. Do not take this exam lightly and if you have not been preparing for it right after the class XII board exams, some pointers that will help you score better in each section of CLAT 2021.


CLAT Answer Key 2021: Download Provisional and Final Answer Key @consortiumofnlus.ac.in

With the help of the final answer key, candidates can know their rough marks in the examination

Science examination with Mathematics and secured 90% marks. His date of birth is 15th July, 1978. He has obtained 55% marks in the entrance test. He can pay the fee of Rs 30,000 at the time of admission.


Do you feel low while thinking that the lack of time will produce a negative impact on your CLAT score

Current affairs dominated the section. Unlike previous years, questions on history and static areas were completely missing. More questions were testing a candidate’s knowledge of Personalities, Economy, and International Organizations formed a good part of the section.

The CLAT answer key has been provided on the page above. You can go through it and download the answer (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=337) key of the exam from this page.


To earn the full CPC designation after passing the CPC examination, you must have experience in coding. If you don't already have experience, you are Students who fail the first test are allowed one retake at no additional cost. Number and types of questions: The CPC examination consists of 150.

The technical problems raised by the CLAT-2021 candidates were closely examined. Service Provider is using the same software for 11 years and it has always worked perfectly in terms of the answers chosen by the candidates and the response sheet generated by the system. The Committee also noted that TCS iON is the most reputed Service Provider.


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Answer Key of CLAT

If the challenge before you is the lack of sufficient time, refresh the thought that the CLAT exam comprises several sections. Each section has to be tackled in a different way. What works for English will not necessarily work for the GK section. Before you commence, calculate how much time is available to start the preparation process. Keeping the following points in mind is strongly recommended for those keen for a turnaround in just three weeks. This sounds unconvincing to the logic-obsessed folks who grow up with the traditional thought that a satisfactory result is possible with long-term preparation alone. OPUS has proved this contention wrong every year since its inception with a brilliantly structured crash course that does not crash your big dreams of entering the hallowed portals of a law college of your choice in the country today.


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It has been held by R. V. Raveendran, J. in “Ram Pravesh Singh v. State of Bihar” that legitimate expectation is not a legal right. Not being a right, it is not enforceable as such.


Mr. Johnson is a 79 year old established male patient that is seen by Dr. Anderson for his annual physical exam. During the examination Dr. Anderson notices a suspicious mole on Mr. Johnson's back.

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CLAT 2021 was successfully conducted on September 28, 2021 in 203 exam centres across India. Candidates found the paper to be quite lengthy due to the long paragraphs. Overall difficulty level of the CLAT 2021 paper was moderate.

Sources said the decision to upload the answer key is aimed at bringing more transparency in the examination. The Clat administration decided to upload answer keys after a student challenged the results before the Allahabad High Court last year. Based on the high court's directive in 2021, then organising university Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University issued the answer (continue reading this) key.


CLAT Answer (full report) Key (last year) can be checked here. Click here to check the 2021 (previous year) answer (look at this web-site) key.

If you are good at logical reasoning, you will perform well here. Try getting your hands on the previous years’ question papers. Questions get repeated from this section quite often with little or no changes.


Revisit your elementary mathematics formulae and concepts. Maths taught till class 10 to crack the Mathematics section of CLAT 2021.

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Reading the newspapers regularly, keeping a tab on vital matters highlighted by the media in the last year would have been sufficient preparation to handle this section. If you have not been doing so, follow some last-minute tips to ramp up your score in this section.

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After 12th, you can apply for CLAT entrance exam as it for 5 year integrated law course which is BA LLB. CLAT exam is conducted once in a year and so your preparations must be good enough to get the admission the same year so that you don't have to wait for a year more.

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CLAT or Common Law Admission Test is a national level law entrance exam. The new pattern CLAT question paper consists of 150 questions spread over five sections – English language, current affairs including general knowledge, legal reasoning, logical reasoning, and quantitative techniques. The question paper is designed to test the reasoning and interpretation skills of candidates. Topics: The quantitative techniques section consists of questions based on graphs, pie charts, and tables. The students have to infer and derive answers to the questions from the information provided in those diagrams. This section contains around 13-17 questions. To answer questions in this section, candidates have to apply 10th standard mathematical operations. Some of the topics which are quite scoring in Mathematics are as follows. Arithmetic: Percentage, Profit & Loss, Average, Ratio-Proportion, Time & Work, Pipe & Cisterns, Time, Speed and Distance, Mixtures & Allegations, Simple & Compound Interest, Number System (HCF - LCM, Recurring Digits & Calculation of Unit Digits). Algebra: Simplification, Linear and Quadratic Equation.


Habermas shares with Han and Hobbes the view that positive laws have two salient features. First, they are written and publically published. Second, they are backed by those who have a monopoly on force. The second feature of positive laws is dubbed by Habermas as the “facticity” of law. The facticity or social reality of positive laws is that they are compulsory and backed by sanctions.

Read CLATapult’s post on offer and acceptance here. Also, try their mocks for more legal reasoning practice questions.


CLAT 2021: 9 answered questions

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The Consortium has also released CLAT provisional answer (look at here now) keys for both UG and PG Programs. Candidates were invited to raise objections to the issued answer key before September 29 (midnight).


CLAT 2021 Postponed Last Date to Apply Extended till June 15 New Exam Dates to Be Notified

Karan was 17 years old as on 11th Sep, 1995. He has secured 80% marks in his with 12th Std. Science examination with Mathematics.