With AMD EPYC “Rome”, there are two I/O die with x86 cores that hang off the I/O die. When we look externally, AMD has a set number of pins that need to carry data to and from the socket. That includes pins for eight memory channels along with eight x16 links. We are going to leave the memory channels alone, and discuss the x16 links.

  • When he returns home to Rome, he must discover that his wife has a child by another man
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  • In a single socket, that means that AMD EPYC Rome will have 128 PCIe lanes using eight x16 links for PCIe
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  • Caesar decides to cross the Rubicon with his army and seize power in Rome itself
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That still does not solve a constraint found on “Naples” that Intel does not face: the lack of a PCH. Without a PCH, on the AMD EPYC 7001 series, one loses many lanes due to lower-speed I/O such as the BMC. This lower-speed I/O is one of the reasons we do not see systems with 128x PCIe Gen3 lanes exposed today. AMD is aware of this and has a plan to fix it.


Server BMCs are ubiquitous, and they use PCIe to connect to the system. By moving that PCIe x1 connection off the main lane sets, it creates a cleaner solution for motherboard re-spins. If you recall from earlier in this article, Intel has the Lewisburg PCH with its own SATA and PCIe lanes that often handle the BMC connectivity. Here is an example using an Intel-based Gigabyte G191-H44.

Quad socket Intel Xeon Scalable systems have one UPI link between sockets

Become the world’s first superpower and command the most incredible and vast war machine of the Ancient world. Dominate the enemies of your glorious empire by military, economic and political means.


You have the usual trouble with civilian life after discharge from Caesar’s army. They are drawn into a story of power struggles. Murder, fraud and corruption are rampant. Caesars scheming niece Atia (Polly Walker) is the master of manipulation and pulls the strings sent to secure themselves and their families power and influence.

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Some systems designers may elect three x16 socket-to-socket links (special info) rather than four, instead choosing to maximize PCIe Gen4 lanes at 160. That will decrease socket-to-socket bandwidth which is not necessarily desirable. It also does not fit well with some of how larger systems vendors look at systems. For more niche players, and those willing to accept this trade-off, this is a possible way to differentiate and create very cool platforms for applications like GPU compute, NVMe storage, traditional SAS storage, and Xilinx CCIX FPGAs.

I can’t speak for Rome as they are not out yet but I am prepared to be disappointed

At the time of the slaying, Elder was 19 and traveling through Europe without his family, a trip his mother in court had said they hoped would bring him a fresh start on life after several years marked by battles with depression and a suicide attempt. Natale-Hjorth, then 18, was spending the summer vacation, as was his habit, visiting his Italian grandparents and uncle, who live near Rome.

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For most systems, the less sexy 129/130 numbers are actually the most exciting. The addition of auxiliary I/O lane(s) means that one can add more higher-speed PCIe devices like NVMe SSDs or GPUs to a system.


Even after nearly 20 years, there are plenty of common threads that run from Rome through all its successors

For the record, knowing the above and armed with benchmark data we had already generated on 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable, we purchased several AMD EPYC platforms for our infrastructure the week before the new Xeon launch. We will add Xeon Gold with Optane DCPMM in the coming quarter as well simply because DCPMM memory mode is very useful to us.

Overall, very good patch, and I can't wait to get some more unit skins from CA

The idea of Rome was founded in 1998, filming began in August 2003 in the legendary Cinecitta studios in Italy. One of the biggest TV sets in the world was built; it encompassed 20,235 square meters of backlot and six recording studios. Rome was filmed in English and is the first US series, which was completed entirely outside an English-speaking country.


The July 26, 2021, killing of the officer in the storied Carabinieri paramilitary police corps shocked Italy. Cerciello Rega, 35, was mourned as a national hero.

Having so much bandwidth available raises questions. Does one need 64 (4×16) lanes between the two sockets? Since AMD uses a flexible interconnect in their PCIe and Infinity Fabric designs, and because the SP3 socket is designed for 128 of these lanes, AMD and its platform partners have an option: they can use fewer 16 lane sets for socket-to-socket bandwidth.

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Putting this into perspective, AMD’s strategy is looking very strong. Seeing the Gen3 to Gen4 transition, one can imagine that a similar architecture in the future can scale to Gen5 (via another board re-spin) doubling performance yet again. This is a vastly different strategy to Intel UPI and the increase in bandwidth is scaling much faster for AMD. In this generation, Intel left UPI at 10/4GT/s which is the first time it has failed to increment QPI/ UPI speeds in the last decade.


The defendants had told the court that several hours before the stabbing, they attempted to buy cocaine in the Trastevere nightlife district of Rome. With the intervention of a go-between, they paid a dealer, but instead of cocaine they received an aspirin-like tablet.

Rome is a republic, which is available daily on Shaky Ground in the time before Christ. The city is full of life, a vibrant place in which there is great wealth, but also abject poverty. From the perspective of citizens the history of time is told. It’s about great battles and political intrigue to families and their cohesion.


FROM STEAM CLIENT Click on your Library in steam. Click on Total War Game in your games list. Click on the ‘BROWSE THE WORKSHOP’ button that appears in the game info in the centre of the screen. Click on ‘Browse’ Subscribed Items’ on the right, underneath the ‘YOUR FILES’ header.

One of the best-preserved Neanderthal skulls ever found was discovered in the same cave in 1939. A hole in the temple sparked a theory that Neanderthals engaged in ritual cannibalism and extracted brains as part of the process. But similar markings on the newly discovered fossils indicate that the Neanderthals were consumed by hyenas.


To address the extra I/O needs of adding lower-speed devices like a server’s BMC, AMD is readying an extra lane per CPU. From what we understand, these are not meant for high-end devices. Instead, these are meant to relieve the main x16 lane blocks from being used by lower-speed devices. A common one is the server’s BMC.

If you don’t have a Steam account already, you need to set up one. Once you’re logged in, all you need to do is click the ‘subscribe’ button to use a mod. At times, the mods can be unpredictable and clashes can occur. If a mod gives you any trouble, you can turn it off using the Total War: Warhammer 2 Launcher.


Instead of making it look a bit like Rome 2, the remaster preserves the original Rome's visual identity, while gussying it up with a 4K upgrade and overhauled models and battlefields. It looks like the lighting and reflections have been improved, too, and boy don't those shiny shields look nice?

Interest in the often disparaged version of prehistoric humans has surged in the past few years with the discovery that traces of Neanderthal DNA still live in homo sapiens. Research is proving that the Neanderthals, who died out about 40,000 years ago, were far more sophisticated than modern humans have long believed.