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The mod offers players Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1/28 to experience the new Scania New Generation S and R tractors, added by the developers of SCS Software in versions starting from 1/30. The trucks are completely autonomous and are prescribed in a separate slot, the modification offers three chassis options, original engines with characteristic sounds, own gearboxes and a set of branded accessories, as well as new interior interiors.


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Euro Truck Simulator 2 or Shortly stylized as ETS2 is a brilliant Vehicle Driving Simulation by SCS Software. The game is a Sequel to the popular “Euro Truck Simulator” and it offers a similar gameplay and mechanics and loads of new locations on the game map. Euro Truck Simulator 2 tasks the players to drive different types of Long haul vehicles across the beautiful places in Europe and deliver Cargo to various destinations. Every cargo delivery rewards the players with money that they can use to buy more vehicles, depots, hire more drivers and to purchase upgrades and fuel, etc. Euro Truck Simulator 2 allows the players to select any locations as their Head Quarters and start working day and night to earn money. There are loads of Quick jobs in the game as well that allow the players to deliver goods while being hired by a cargo company. In the case of Quick Jobs, the company that hires you pays for the expenses such as Fuel, tolls, ferry crossings and any type of damages. Once the player has enough money, or they can take a loan from the bank to buy themselves vehicles or to hire drivers, open up their own company and start their own Goods delivering business. Every good delivery rewards the players with experience points along with skill points on every level completion that can be used to unlock more shipments, new destinations, and new expensive trucks. NPCs in the game are of immense importance as they can be hired for deliveries once you have more vehicles, and that leads to more revenue generation.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2: travel through Europe with a modern truck of your choice. If you want to experience a long game experience, you must take three elements of DLC: Scandinavia, Going East, and Viva La France. This will complement your gaming experience and provide additional opportunities. In general, the base rate for this basic 3+ game is too high.

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In general, all games in the series are quite similar. You sit in the cabin of a large truck, travelling across different locations and completing the missions offered to you by the gameplay. The overall feeling that will definitely come to you during the game is relaxation and calm. The game is pretty slow and suits perfectly for everyone who looks for some rest after a hard working day. You will sit in your mighty car, looking out of the window and seeing amazing scenery all around. By the way, the graphics here are really awesome – not only the car inside and outside is drawn with great detail and attention, but also the nature all around you and the cities look like they are real. Get the authentic feeling of a truck ride in any of Euro Truck simulators! However, despite the calm and relaxation, the game cannot be called boring. You will gain new achievements and various features that will allow you to improve the car you are riding. This will motivate you to play further and do your best in order to make your truck the most amazing on the road.

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ATS is effectively a sequel to Euro Truck Simulator 2, which you’ll find below. As such, a lot of the mechanics, physics, and the general pace of this truck sim game are the same. The one key difference is the setting, and that’s a big deal in a game where you spend hours looking out of a window. The American states of California, Nevada, and Arizona have been painstakingly realised, from minor details like the signs that illuminate a run down stripmall to major landmarks like the Las Vegas Strip. After several hours coasting through a desert highway, the bright lights and narrow streets of a city like San Francisco feel like an adrenaline shot.


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Fans of Euro Truck Simulator 2 have a long-awaited opportunity to experience in the game world Russian Gazelle cars of almost all generations and modifications. Thanks to the grandiose mod, now in the game small-tonnage cars produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant are available for purchase. Upon purchase, a huge selection of chassis, cabs, engines, dashboards and much more will be provided, and for tuning there is an assortment of spare parts.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is practically indistinguishable from the game American Truck Simulator. Generally, ATS and ETS2 are equivalent to the last debuting from SCS Software first; they share similar realistic motor and the greater part of the mechanics. Effectively move mods from every one of the sources.

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Europe boasts plenty of distinct challenges for truckers that just aren’t present in the United States – narrower roads, differing international road rules, roundabouts. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is also older than ATS, which is generally a good thing in the sim community as it means there’s more content, like map expansions and truck brands. The base European map is also much larger and more densely packed than its US counterpart, so if you’re after greater variety, then Euro Truck Simulator (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=7794) 2 might be the best option.