When played on the original consoles the leap isn't quite as large, it's still a difference and the added VMU support and different lighting are a nice touch. Sadly the price for the DC version still hovers close to 15-20 on sites depending on condition.

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  • If you want a fun game that you can keep playing over and over, then Dino Crisis 2 is for you
  • Dino crisis 2 ,is a very good game still but not without its fair share of faults and cheap things;p
  • People who have played games with said controls can complete Dino Crisis 2 between 3 to 4 hours

Puzzles this time around are essentially find a key and put it in the right door or buy a item from the computer terminal to progress through a section of the level. Though none are taxing on the mind some of the keys are hidden in horrible places that require you to backtrack through the game quite far to find them. The good news is I found on multiple play throughs you could pick these items up early if you know where to look.


I mentioned in the “story” section of my review that Dino Crisis (check this out) 2’s story is a bit short. The game can take someone who has never played a game with controls before between 4 to 5 hours. People who have played games with said controls can complete Dino Crisis (additional info) 2 between 3 to 4 hours. The game can be done in less than two hours as I attempted a speed run of Dino Crisis (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=5746) 2 and completed the game at around two hours and fifty minutes. A playthrough on hard difficulty can take 5+ hours depending on your skill.

Due to it's ease of purchase, playable platforms, and cheaper price the PSX version remains just as fine a version to enjoy the game. Especially on vita/ps3 where you can alter controls use the analog as well as smooth the image. Then through emulation and perhaps even the use of different plug-ins could come out to looking similar to the DC version.


However which style of game would you prefer for Dino Crisis (look at these guys)? Let me know in the comments below.

Three years before the events shown in the game, the genius doctor disappeared from his laboratory along with his top secret government-funded research. Policy makers can not afford the loss of so many years devoted to doctoral research. So they send to the island of dr. Kirka a team of special forces to find a missing research. They were not prepared for what they found there.


Since the game is less about horror and more about shooting dinos in the face the game includes a full soundtrack. The music is surprisingly catchy and suited to the environment your exploring. Yes, the terrible voice acting returns with some really brilliant Capcom one liners this time around. The dinosaur sound effects are absolutely superb.

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The graphics return to pre rendered backgrounds in this game, so all screens are static and no more 3D models in the level environments. This probably was for the best as the game looks great. The environments are now a lot more varied, you’ll be running through jungles to larva filled caves. There is even one section where you will put on a diving suit and explore underwater which was very interesting. Of course occasionally you will hit a research facility to investigate but with the pre rendered backgrounds they look so much nicer this time around. The character models are as to be expected by this stage. The dinosaurs look fantastic especially with the variety of beasts you will encounter this time around.

  • In Dino Crisis 2 it is best to run and gun or stop, aim, shoot and carry on
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  • So I went to blockbuster when they were still around and rented Dino crisis 2
  • Dino Crisis 1 and
  • Dino Crisis brought 3D environments, 180 turns and the dreaded quick time even
  • Dino Crisis PC Port Gets 4k Glow-Up With Fan Patch
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You can read more over on their website here. It’s pretty awesome to say the least, and it gives both returning fans and newcomers plenty of reason to visit Resident Evil‘s sister franchise. There still hasn’t been public any movement from Capcom in regards to Dino Crisis (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=5858) outside of re-upping the trademark last year, while rumors have suggested that plans for a remake were axed some time ago. We can only keep our fingers crossed for the time being. With Resident Evil’s breakout successes as of late and the reinvigoration of the Devil May Cry brand with DMC5, we can only hope that the middle child of that family of franchises gets its day in the sun sooner or later.


It’s very much worth pointing out both Dino Crisis 1 and 2 introduced mechanics that would become standard affair in later Capcom titles. Dino Crisis (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=7724) brought 3D environments, 180 turns and the dreaded quick time even. Dino Crisis (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=783) 2 brought a point system which could be used to buy and upgrade weapons. As gamers we have a lot to thanks (and in some cases hate) the series for.

I'm an artist who is a tremendous fan of all things horror. It's VERY difficult to actually scare me, so when something accomplishes it, I love it forever. Resident Evil has always been my favorite, ever since I was a little kid, but I'm perfectly happy to spend time with Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and many other games.


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Okay, it’s just Dino Crisis 2. Just a year after the first game, we get the second game from Capcom, and this time the developers decided to stray away from the survival horror gameplay and try take the series into a unique direction. This is where the series started to experiment and take a new direction in terms of gameplay and mechanics. So was the game a development success or should it be a forgotten fossil?

Each dinosaur has their own sound effect, so they all sound different. This is good because as funny as it would be, I don’t think a Pterodactyl squawk would work with a T-Rex. The sound effects are clear as well, you’ll know when a Velociraptor and when they attack.


The biggest visual change and one the biggest changes from the previous game, is the inclusion of pre-rendered backgrounds. The first Dino Crisis (pop over to this web-site) had 3D rendered backgrounds done with the in-game engine. Some might say that the move to pre-rendered backgrounds is a step back. I actually quite like pre-rendered backgrounds.

GTA 2 already works for me at 1080p widescreen without a patch

Dino Crisis 2 is a fantastic sequel taking the series in a direction that is different but better. The game builds on practically everything from the original. More dinosaur types from 5 to 11 so your not just shooting raptors for a change. More weapons for each character. More varied environments and just generally more fun. What the game does focus less on is puzzles. Funnily enough the audience who may dislike this game are the hardcore survival horror fans, which is funny as that’s the audience I recommend the first game to. The game is entertaining and very simple to pick up and play. Even after your done it is likely you’ll occasionally re visit the game to casually playthrough again.


There are a couple of problems when it comes to the gameplay and that is the aiming, to be more specific aiming at pterodactyls. Sometimes when you aim at them it will either focus at another pterodactyl or not aim properly at the enemy. The problems happen when there are more than two pterodactyls on the screen. It doesn’t happen often but it is worth mentioning. There is a part in the latter half of the game where you drive a tank whilst a T-Rex is chasing you but the controls aren’t exactly brilliant. Moving the tank isn’t a problem until you go off the screen into the next area when suddenly, the controls will change due to the position of the fixed camera angle. Rotating the barrel is a simple press of either the left or right bumper but it can get frustrating when again, the camera turns suddenly because of the fixed camera angles. The controls here don’t ruin the game but they may test your patience.

Graphics are pretty good for the time and for the hardware the game is on. Sure there are PS1 games with better graphics but these are a definite improvement over the first game. Character models look nice, their faces are done better than the first game and there is subtle detail done to the attire of the main characters. The same goes for the dinosaurs, they look great and their level of detail has been improved.

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After completing the game once, you unlock Extra Crisis (click this), a side mode that has a coliseum. The coliseum pits you against several kinds of dinosaurs then at the end you face the T-Rex. You can play from a selection of characters including people from the first Dino Crisis. The best thing about coliseum though is that you can play as a dinosaur and you can imagine how fun that it is. Extra Crisis also has Dino (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=6521) Duel which is a two-player mode where both players choose a dinosaur and duke it out to see who is the best dinosaur.