Borderlands 2 is a unique experience, and the class you pick at the beginning of the game is a big part of that. Each class suits a different play style and picking the right one is key for your domination of Pandora. Today, I cover the Mechromancer class; the class that is easily the most overpowered.

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This build is for those who don’t really want to see the robot do all the work. The Anarchy skill [TIER 1] is pretty interesting. It gives you a weapon damage boost and an accuracy deficit for either every enemy you kill or every time you empty your gun’s magazine.

Another important point is that you can use this skill with weapons that have predictable projectile trajectories like the Sandhawk, Unkempt Harold, Heartbreaker, etc to maximize your damage against large groups of foes. Combine this with The Bee for god-like damage and.


Borderlands 2 is one of the most exciting First-person shooting games you can find

This is one of those "OP" shields that if you can avoid getting hit, you will do godly damage as any class, but far more rediculous as a Mechromancer (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=5064). To get this shield, you must first progress the story to the Arid Nexus: Boneyard. Then go back to Sanctuary and get the quest "This Just In" from Mordecai. Complete the quest and return to Mordecai. From now on, Hunter Helquist will always spawn on that tower in the radio room. Farming him is very fast and easy since he is right next to the zone-in, and you can simply save/quit/continue to respawn him as much as needed. If you are lucky, the shield will rarely come with the "Inflammable" prefix, which bears fire immunity as long as you have any amount of shield still remaining.

Ideally, a Jakob's Twister is great with this build, but not very easy to farm. Conference Calls, and Splat guns (in all elements except slag) are great too and far easier to obtain.


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You will also notice that I have not spent any points on Deathtrap. This is because, in my opinion, Deathtrap does more harm than good. I often find him blocking my line of sight, aggroing excess enemies unnecessarily, or just doing nothing. He will also steal second winds from your teammates, or replenish melee zer0 shields, or replenish enemy shields.

Assuming you are going through the main story, be sure to stop in Tundra Express and farm Varkids for good exp/loot. All you do is go to the farm house and aggro all the varkids, run in circles while avoiding damage so that they'll go into their pods and evolve. It's up to you whether you want to farm adults, badasses, or super badasses, but you get bonus exp if you kill the pods before they hatch.


The Gear Calculator V2 for Borderlands 2Site might be dangerous

So far I can only confirm that the 360 version is affected. I've seen some reported PC issues but I'm not sure if it's related to the patch. Haven't seen anything new regarding the PS3 version.

However it’s been reported that some Xbox 360 users are encountering problems after applying the patch that prepared the game for Gaige. Users are reporting loss of the much coveted golden keys, customization options are being reset and losing items and Badass Ranks. This isn’t guaranteed to happen to everyone, as some Xbox users are reporting that the patch went through fine. It still may be safe to wait until Gearbox investigates to apply it if you are an Xbox user.


Borderlands 2 – Recent Patch Fixes Add On Disc DLC Recognition

I'd guess that if the 360 is actually so catastrophically broken, they wouldn't go ahead and release the same messed up thing on PC/PS3. It'll probably be pulled or quickly fixed.

The primary benefit of this skill is that it basically negates the penalty of Anarchy stacks by ensuring an average of at least 50% accuracy so long as you hit near the enemy. This is not a sniping build, so feel free to jump in the air and target their feet, or simply do so from a high ground position.


Grants you % per level Resistance to Shock Damage. Also increases your Shield Capacity by % per level.

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A friend of mine downloaded the character and the patch and just had his badass rank reset. This particular glitch isn't exactly new, but it seems the new patch and/or DLC might be another trigger for it. After investigating the official forums it would seem he got off lucky. People are reporting losing not just badass ranks, but skins, heads, golden keys, and even their actual character saves. There are also reports of character saves getting corrupted.

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC Help

Feel free to leave your own thoughts, comments, tips, advice, or build ideas in the comments. Remember: keep it friendly and constructive.


In addition, there are numerous reports of users experiencing a loss of either bad-ass rank, skins or heads due to this new patch. Fortunately for you guys, the community manager over at Gearbox, Chris F, has stated that the latest patch and loss of the above items or bad-ass rank is just a coincidence. It would’ve happened regardless of a patch being released.

Note: You must have a Gold Xbox live account, in order for Gearbox support to be able to restore any lost progress or items. They will issue you a Shift code that should fix the issue, which can only be redeemed if you have a Gold account.


Lastly, if you're going for Ordered Chaos, it's worth looking into supplementing the Nth Degree skill, which has some bullets ricochet if you hit an enemy, with the Close Enough skill from the Best Friends Forever tree. With all the inaccuracy brought upon by the Anarchy skill, having a 50% ricochet chance of hitting even if you miss is a huge help.

Best Mechromancer Skill Build

You don’t want to prematurely reload because your stacks will all go away. You can get a max of 400 stacks, meaning that’s a 700% bonus in gun damage and the same amount of accuracy reduction. With the nature of the class centering around this skill, the optimal gun would be something along the lines of a repeater/machine pistol.


If you’ve been following Gearbox, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard about this little lady and fifth character class. The long awaited Mechomancer class’ skill tree came out yesterday, with Gearbox President Randy Pitchford promising us a big surprise in 24 hours before that. Today it was announced that Gaige was available a week sooner than expected and would be released today.

EDIT: Actually I'm not sure if the PS3 patch/DLC is live yet. Can any PS3 users shed some light?


As for relics, most of them have only a single effect until you get the "Ancients" line on farm (usually from loot midgets on UVHM), so I'll leave that up to your judgment by simply saying that you should use whichever one compliments your needs the best. Sometimes this will be a certain damage type, maybe a certain stockpile relic, or a common and potent choice would be max shield capacity.

I'd like to mention that this build still provides high damage per second (DPS). It doesn't have all the elemental damage perks from the Little Big Trouble skill tree. Additionally, this build still gives power ups to your sidekick Deathtrap so that you two can duo well. Since this is an Anarchy build, a lot of points were put into the "CLOSE ENOUGH" skill to help counter the reduced accuracy. This will help you take potshots and actually hit enemies still, as well as make it easier to come back from FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE - so you don't have to worry as much about dying now. To further enforce the great solo abilities of Gaige the Mechromancer, 1 point was put into BLOOD SOAKED SHIELDS so that you can utilize your shields for more protection.


Borderlands 2 – Xbox 360 Compatibility Pack Fixed, Gearbox Extends Gear-Up Event Until Thursday

This is the most fun way to do it, but also the most time-consuming. Still a great option if you want to knock out some achievements that you haven't earned yet.

Follow the red line to the X. The yellow bars represent an area where you will walk up one of two "ramps" to a high plataeu that overlooks the Foreman's location, marked by the green arrow. If you follow this correctly, you should not encounter any enemies until you actually engage him. Be aware that across from this area is another high plataeu with scaffolding where lots of badass loaders and various types of surveyors can spawn.


Borderlands 2 New DLC - Digistruct Peak Overpower Level 5

First up, players can of course simply invest heavily into their buddy Deathtrap and let him do all the hard work. Skills like Upshot Robot, Made of Sterner Stuff, and 20% Cooler let you extend his duration, his survivability, and decrease his cooldown time.

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Reloading your gun causes an Electrical Explosion, damaging nearby enemies. Additionally passively increases Gaige's reload speed by 25%.


Build and view stats for any gear found in Borderlands 2 using the all-new Gear Calculator

Once you’ve maxed out the Best Friends Forever tree, I’d recommend adding points into various skills from the Little Big Trouble and Ordered Chaos that fit your play style the best. For instance, I added points into More Pep (increases your elemental chances to enemies), The Stare (Deathtrap ability, fires a laser beam that causes burn damage to entire battlefield) and Strength of Five Guerrillas (increases melee damage for you and Deathtrap). I wasn’t interested in the Ordered Chaos tree so I basically ignored it throughout my time with the Mechromancer (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=428) as the Anarchy stuff seemed confusing and lame.

Mechromancer DLC codes generator

The ricochets will basically always hit unless the enemy physically moves out of the way, or put another way, the ricochet has 100% accuracy from the point of impact to the space the target occupies at the moment of impact. Fast moving targets like Rakk can sometimes (but not often) evade the ricochet attacks.


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The bonus amp damage is divided by the number of projectiles listed on a weapon's item card. For example, a shotgun with x12 projectiles will divide the bonus damage of The Bee by 12 and distribute it evenly among each projectile.

You’re going to be using up full magazines anyway, so this is useful. Half your bullets shoot faster, and you get to that reload stack quicker.


Little Info About The Game Borderlands 2 builds upon the gameplay elements

Once you reach level 40-42, you will be ready to advance to playthrough 2 (TVHM). I highly recommend that you acquire at least 1 good slag weapon before you start it.

Gaige also has a lot to offer to players who don't necessarily want to take all that much damage and will focus on defending themselves. Cooking up trouble gives you health regeneration when your gun's magazine is full and Fancy Mathematics improves your shield's recharge delay and recharge rate.


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The real core of this build is With Claws, which turns your normal melee attack into a powerful claw swipe. The damage scales with Anarchy, so it's worth investing in the various stack-building skills. With enough of the stuff, you can destroy your enemies with nothing but a well timed strike.

Bro, im lvl 15 and just getting into the game. Your builds arent just builds, but valuable information for people like me that have no idea WTF they doing lol.


New - Borderlands 2 DLC: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty

The shield itself is ridiculous on Gaige once you have the Sharing Is Caring perk, because it will pull all nearby enemies into melee range of DT, right before it nukes them. Combine this with DT's Explosive Clap, and not much is likely to survive. Do note that this singularity effect going off when your health is depleted is quite handy for securing Second Winds.

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5 Borderlands 2 best shield 66%

While using this build, you are free to use pretty much any high capacity, rapid-fire, or multiple projectile weapon type (ARs, SMGs, Shotguns, auto pistols, etc). Do not use precision weaponry like revolvers, sniper rifles, e-tech dart pistols, etc. Preferably, you will want to have an elemental SMG as your primary go-to weapon, a triple or quad barrel shotgun for burst dps, a high damage launcher (only for Fight For Your Life easy pick-ups), and a free slot to try whatever sounds like fun or put your favorite gun in.

Borderlands 2: How to Get the Premiere Club - GameTipCenter

The Discordant Daredevil, as you might be able to tell, focuses on the Discord skill while largely ignoring the benefits provided by Anarchy. A useful tool for this build is the Rational Anarchist, which grants you 25 stacks of Anarchy when starting from zero.


Borderlands 2 Update v1.5.0 Incl DLC-RELOADED

Once redeemed, you will receive more free golden keys that can only be used on the mysterious golden chest that’s located near the fast travel station in the city of Sanctuary. Once a golden key is used on this mysterious golden chest, you will automatically receive two items of purple rarity that will scale to your current level.

If Deathtrap's target dies sometimes he will not lock onto another target but stay in the laser position for the remaining duration of The Stare. There is a very small chance that he will lock onto an enemy target, this target can even be one that he would not normal use his abilities against.


Gaige is very powerful when played properly, and her damage scaling is quite impressive when used with the right kind of weaponry. For the purposes of this guide, I am going to exclude the most "broken" or "OP" weapons that most other guides will suggest since I want to keep the guide focused on your actual build and not on how long you're willing to farm.

Increases Melee Damage for you and Deathtrap by % per level. Additionally increases Gun Damage by 3% per level.


Unlike other extra projectile weapons (namely shotguns, usually), the Slagga only consumes one round to fire three. It also has a very high slag chance, and respectable damage to boot. This is a great fit for Gaige, since her class skills don't offer many options for slag, and this leaves her a little bit gear-dependant in this regard.

While a lot of Gaige's skills are pretty chaotic, you can also play her in a delicate balancing act. Combining Cooking Up Trouble with The Better Half lets you switch between healing and increased fire rate, while Unstoppable Force can let you zip around the battlefield.


It was nice of Gearbox to release the fifth character class a week early, but they should have balanced the Mechromancer (visit this link) class better. While the skill tree selections the Mechromancer has may not be as good as some of the other characters, her action skill makes up for it by easily being the best in the game.

Activate the Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Pack CD Key on your Steam account to download the game


Remember, these codes can only be redeemed via the Shift menu, which can only be accessed from Borderlands (check my reference) 2’s main menu by selecting the ‘Extra’ option, then selecting Shift. These keys can only be redeemed once per account and will be redeemable for three hours.