On the 10th anniversary of Test Drive Unlimited 2, we are releasing the first version of our multiplayer mod. In the future, we will expand on the features of our mod. But for now, the gamemode most valuable to players - freeroam - is fully working after extensive testing by our beta tester team.

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  • TDU2 Tutorial. How to Unpack the game archives
  • Streets of Sim City @ 640x480, D+ Test Drive 4 @ 640x480, C Tex Murphy Overseer @ 640x480
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 is using Securom with a 4 machine activation limit
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 Steering Sensitivity Settings – Handling Fix

The information on this page is no longer updated. It is retained for historical purposes.


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What I thought I had all files in my directory was wrong. It seemed that I was missing out the most important file.

Even if there were additional files it would still be able to unpack most of it. As the unpacker just unpacks any/all big/map files it can see. Its only the renaming and moving process that it needs the information on.


You might face this problem if you sound system higher than ‘2/1’. You need to change your speaker settings (from windows control panel) to ‘2/1’ or (Choose Stereo from Drop Down Menu) to resolve no sound problem with the game.

Click OFFLINE, then click the check box that says TEXMOD. That will make the "run game" button change to "Creat Mutex" Click that button, then finally click the Launch Texmod button.


If you have no intention of doing any of that, then you do not need to extract the game archives. Also you do not need to extract the archives if you are just doing sticker imports with texmod.

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My question is how can I get the cars and bikes if it is not posible to buy the DLC in the first place and even if, it is not possible to actived it, because no servers exist. So is there a way to get that stuff (also is there a way to get into the casino)?

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If you are behind a router, you may come across NAT related errors while trying to play online. You need to portforward UDP 8889 so that you can communicate with other players online without any problems. Remember that NAT does not improve your game experience rather it is required for good multiplayer connectivity.

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CBEFF PFA User Guide and Download

By downloading NIST/ITL's BioAPI CTS beta implementation (the "BTE"), I acknowledge review of the computer requirements and User Guide and acceptance of the terms of the NIST disclaimer. For installation instructions please refer to the "BTE Installation" in the User Guide.

The User Guide provides computer requirements for installing the BTE (as shown below), information on how to download and install Java, it describes the BTE installation procedure, and how to run the BTE. An informative brief walkthrough is provided. A list of currently supported BioAPI and BioSPI functions and a software distribution - file list is also provided.

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Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or higher. While the BTE may run on lower versions of Windows the lower versions have not been tested (look at here).

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Hopefully the output folder is already setup for you (an 'out' folder within your texmod folder). If not just select/make a new folder in your texmod folder to store images.