Tossing up a last second offload after the siren to beat the fullback to the corner for a game-winning try. Executing a perfectly weighted grubber to narrowly avoid being bustled into touch by a covering defender and beating him to the in-goal area for some highlight reel sizzle. Sometimes Rugby League Live 2 gets it right. Then a wild pass will zoom 60 metres through the air, from the middle of the field to deep in the crowd, or the AI will kick a 90 metre field goal from their own 10 metre line.

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  • That won't happen with the Xbox 360, which is a monster of a machine
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This first-person sci-fi action game is being developed by the same folks that brought you Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament 2003. The first trailer shows a stealthy alien skulking his way through the halls of a human base or ship.


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That said, and despite what EA's Madden NFL Next Gen commercial suggests, I don't expect sports games to look that much better on the Xbox 360. Oh sure, I'm certain that the players will be more animated and more lifelike, the stadiums will be more alive, the lighting will be more vibrant, and so on. But will this visual upgrade be akin to crossing the same graphical chasm as the one between Madden '97 and NFL 2K on the Sega Dreamcast?

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A Thumping (30 points): Win a match by more than 25 points on Legend difficulty. Streaky (30 points): Win 3 consecutive matches with 1 team in an NRL or Super League Season. Cool as a Cucumber (30 points): Kick a field goal to take the lead with 5 minutes left on the clock. Marathon Man (30 points): Score a 85+ metre try on Legend difficulty. Trick Shot (30 points): Successfully kick a conversion/goal kick while hitting the post. Hat Trick (30 points): Score a hat trick of tries with one player. Back-to-Back (90 points): Score a try in the first set of tackles after another try has been scored. Superman (95 points): Win the Dally M or Man of Steel award in an NRL or Super League season in Career mode. Golden Handshake (100 points): Complete a 10 year career. Flawless Victory (100 points): With 1 team go through an NRL or Super League season without conceding a loss.


Perfect Dark Zero is the sequel to the classic Rare shooter from the Nintendo64. Details on the game were spilled by a clan of female professional gamers, whose members revealed that the game would include spy gadgets and jetpack-like devices.

Above and beyond the meat and potatoes of the hardware and software, services like the new incarnation of Xbox Live have a lot to offer 360 owners and developers alike by opening the door to expanded community features, downloadable content, and microtransactions. As far as developers go, the 360 has a lot of potential for new revenue streams. Downloadable content was something we saw flirted with this generation, and, in most cases, it went well. The ability to extend the life of a game you've had for six months or a year adds quite a bit of value to it, especially if you're talking about something like a Halo, which has a huge fan base hungry for more content. The much discussed, but heretofore not implemented, concept of episodic content is also a very real possibility for developers to try. You'll also probably see crazy retail promotions that will let you have microtransactions based around game content or even products in the real world. Hopefully developers won't get too greedy by cluttering up games with product placements or blanketing them with microtransaction offers (although they probably will at some point).


What the Xbox 360 Means to PC Games

While it's convenient to draw parallels between the Xbox 360 and the Sega Dreamcast -another white, modular console that launched before its two competitors -that's just a little too easy of a comparison. Yes, the 360 is hitting a fair amount of time before the Revolution and the PlayStation 3, but there isn't any substance in the comparison beyond the superficial similarities.

This advanced technology has allowed Microsoft to substantially raise the bar on visual requirements for Xbox 360 games. Next-generation games must support at least 720p HDTV resolution, 5/1 multichannel sound, and full 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio (no letterboxing). Games must also have at least 2x antialiasing to improve image quality. According to Microsoft's Peter Moore, "Jaggies need to be a thing of the past," and there's no doubt the Xbox 360 hardware will be powerful enough to make them so. The graphics chip will also have 10MB of superfast embedded DRAM, which is just large enough to fit in an HD resolution frame buffer with antialiasing.

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  • Microsoft worked with IBM and ATI to architect the CPU and graphics chip for the next Xbox
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  • You'll be able to send and receive messages and voice chat requests no matter what you're doing on the Xbox
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One of the reasons the Xbox (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=5718) 360 seems poised for success is that developer support is very strong. Microsoft's Peter Moore noted that about 4,000 developer kits for the new console have already been distributed. While many developers, especially Japanese ones, were skeptical of the Xbox when it arrived in 2001, most of the naysayers eventually came on board. The one key thing about the industry now is that the days of seeing the sorts of exclusive deals that helped Nintendo rule the roost back in the day are probably gone for good. The fact that a company like Rockstar would convert its Grand Theft Auto games over to the Xbox speaks to how Microsoft made believers among the development community.


With that said, one of the Xbox 360 games that I'm most excited about right now is Tomb Raider: Legends. Not because I'm aching to see Lara Croft with improved curves and lifelike bounce animations, but because the original Tomb Raider remains one of my favorite games to this day, and I'm hoping that Legends might be the sequel I've been waiting for since 1996. Having the power of the Xbox 360 at its disposal no doubt makes Crystal Dynamics' job easier in many respects, but frankly, I'd have no objection to playing a great new Tomb Raider game on my trusty PlayStation, much less my PS2 or Xbox. It's not about the box; it's about the experiences that the box facilitates. And visuals count for very little if everything else isn't up to scratch.

The Xbox 360 will have a custom-designed IBM processor that has three processing cores, each capable of handling two threads, or two separate applications. Six total threads provides a lot of processing power, but it adds to the software complexity, because you now have to manage resources between all the processes. Microsoft has a lot of experience with multithreaded applications, and the company is confident that developing on the processor won't be a problem. It might take developers a while to figure out the most efficient way to use all the threads, but the large number of threads will give programmers a lot of flexibility. The 165-million transistor chip will run at 3/2GHz, and it'll have a vacuum-sealed, water-cooled heat sink to handle heat dissipation.


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Geographical locations of players, self-categorized gamerzones (or playing styles), reputations, and gamer scores are all criteria that can be considered by the matchmaker in the upcoming version of Xbox Live. Having more data to work with, in theory, means you're less likely to be stuck in a match that isn't enjoyable to you. Of course, a lot of the success of the new "intelligent" matchmaker is going to depend on how large the online community is for a given game. If you're looking for a match in Halo 3, the matchmaker will probably have lots of options. But if you're an American fiending for a gritty game of Rugby 2007, you'll probably still have to settle for whoever's available. Still, it's tantalizing to know that hardcore shooter jockeys who spend hours honing their sniper rifle skills are less likely to get stuck on the same server as casual players just looking to let off a bit of steam.

Probably the most impressive-looking of the first batch of titles revealed for the Xbox 360, Epic Games' Gears of War looks like it's going to be a hard-hitting sci-fi-themed tactical shooter. Featuring a behind-the-back, third-person perspective and an impressive level of detail in the characters and environments, Gears of War has blockbuster sci-fi hit written all over it. We wonder how it'll actually play, though.


Is it already time for the next round of consoles to launch? It seems like just yesterday I sat in the freezing rain all night in order to secure a PlayStation 2 on launch day. But that's hyperbole for another day. Perhaps this is just a sign of my old age, but I'm still almost completely satisfied by the graphical capacities of the current generation of consoles.

This survival horror game from Sega and Monolith will follow Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent in the Serial Crimes Unit (SCU), which is a team of G-men dedicated to tracking down serial killers, Clarice Starling-style. While playing as Thomas, gamers must navigate "urban environments filled with deadly sociopaths who lurk on the periphery of humanity," according to Sega.


Imagine customizing and selling your own Sims clothes over Xbox 360

Will someone please make a World War II-themed first-person shooter, too? And 20 different racing games that randomly fall into either the "sim" or "arcade" categories? OK, not to needlessly sound pessimistic, but my real point is that this is a new console, and I'd like to see something totally world-shattering. Something that actually ushers in a new era in gaming. Will the Xbox 360 be up to the task? Or will we just be playing the same games with better graphics and 64 players online instead of just 16?

Originally slated for release on the Xbox (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=4541), Rare's platformer will instead debut on the Xbox 360. The titular heroine of the game has the ability to magically transform into different monsters, giving her specialized powers to fight off the evil trolls that have invaded her land.


But still, a new console launch is exciting no matter how you slice it. What I am most eager about seeing in the Xbox 360 -and, more generally, in all next-gen systems -is the establishment of new standards. Stuff like standard high-def support, 5/1 support, wireless controllers, and online capabilities all combine to strike me as a significant step forward for gaming consoles. When you can pop in an Xbox 360 game and know that it will play in native widescreen, it'll be a good day.

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The front of the console is extremely clean. Aside from the previously mentioned chrome media tray and power button, it's almost easy to miss the small infrared window and two memory card slots. Since the standard Xbox 360 controller is wireless, there's no need for front controller ports, but the system does have two USB 2/0 ports on the front panel hidden behind a plastic cover. The rear of the system has a third USB 2/0 port, an Ethernet port, and a slot for a small, gum-packet-sized Wi-Fi adapter. At this time, the wireless adapter will be sold separately. The system can stand vertically or horizontally, like the PlayStation 2. The new Xbox will also have interchangeable faceplates for extra customization, just in case you wanted a different color for your system.

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As we've seen on the PC side, it's very important to make sure the CPU and GPU are well matched to make sure the system functions at maximum efficiency. If you pair an underpowered CPU with a powerful GPU, the CPU will bottleneck system performance, and all that extra GPU power will go to waste. Microsoft decided early on to go with a multicore CPU design after deciding that a superfast single-core CPU wouldn't be a viable option, since the processor would be difficult to shrink down when the time would come to reduce costs. This shift from single-core to multicore processing is happening right now in the desktop market, as Intel and AMD are just starting to ship dual-core processors this year.


The developer of the surprise hit, The Chronicles of Riddick, are hard at work on a new action game, which is adapted from a comic book of the same name. Players will take the role of a Mafia hitman named Jackie Estacado who is possessed by strange, mystical powers.

Although we have every reason to believe that the 360 will be backward compatible, I'm going to be really upset if it isn't, because that means that Microsoft will be planning to kill off the still-perfectly-good Xbox platform. I'm not going to bother keeping that behemoth in my entertainment center either way. The rumor that there would be a version of the console without a hard drive gave me pause, but I'm very glad that they'll have some nifty, removable solution in place to keep caching and downloadable content in the mix.


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Microsoft put a lot of work into getting just the right look for the Xbox 360. The final design was actually the result of a joint effort between Microsoft's in-house design team, a San Francisco design firm, and another firm from Osaka, Japan. Microsoft conducted color studies and performed market research to find out what a next-generation console should look like. The color studies predicted that consumer electronics will be moving toward a lot of whites, silvers, and glass, and the market surveys said the console shape should be more "organic" and "wild" than the previous Xbox.

FootyBite is one of the “cleanest” free streaming sites out there. While other sites are ridden with annoying ads, pop-ups, and redirects, FootyBite is easy to navigate without making you lose your mind.


On the flip side, I definitely see more multiplatform games, especially since publishers will try to keep development costs down. That raises an interesting problem for the PC, because if the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have multicore architectures with six or more hardware threads, that completely outclasses the best that the PC has to offer. Intel and AMD are just beginning to ship dual-core chips that have two hardware threads. That means that, assuming a game is designed for a console to take advantage of all those threads, it could result in the PC getting a stripped-down version missing the advanced physics and AI found in the console version. PCs should catch up and overpass the next-generation consoles within two to three years, and then we'll see a lot of the cutting-edge development happening on the PC. But for now, I'm really looking forward to getting my Xbox 360.

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As a game console, the Xbox 360 comes packing a serious amount of appeal for both gamers and developers. From a development standpoint, game creators are being handed the keys to a powerful piece of machinery that challenges them to try to tap its potential. The powerful hardware, complete with an unprecedented amount of RAM (one of the key things developers always want more of), is as tricked-out as a console has ever been.


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Crickfree doesn’t offer the best experience for a user with loads of ads, pop-ups, and redirections. However, it gets the work done, and at the end of the day, you can watch your favorite team play!

You'll also have the ability to more easily give feedback on other players, which ties in to each person's reputation score on his or her gamer profile. In the current iteration of Xbox Live (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=3741), you can lodge complaints with administrators by submitting the offending gamertag. But nothing happens until enough legitimate complaints are made about rude players. The new version of Xbox Live promises to be more effective, because you don't have to wait on administrator action to see results. Give an offending player a thumbs-down, and that will hurt his or her reputation score, making it less likely others will play with him or her. But more importantly, the system knows which players you have given poor feedback on. So if you give someone a thumbs-down, you're less likely to be matched up with him or her again. If you give another player a thumbs-up, the system will be more likely to match you up again. Did you forget to write down the name of that jerk who disconnected on you in Madden last night? You don't have to, because the system will record the last couple of hundred players you played with. You can just head into that player history, give a thumbs-down to the plug-puller, and then send a challenge off to the guy who did give you a good match the previous day.


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Until about a month ago, watching Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft address the next-generation console was like watching giants engaged in a staring contest. Since the Xbox 360 will be the first to launch, Microsoft was forced to blink first, although its reps did an admirable (if at times maddening) job of stonewalling.

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When design work started up on the 360, Microsoft decided it needed to own the actual chip designs instead of simply buying chips from suppliers. Microsoft worked with IBM and ATI to architect the CPU and graphics chip for the next Xbox. Since Microsoft owns the chip designs, it can place its own chip orders with the third-party semiconductor foundries that produce the silicon. Microsoft also decides when it's appropriate to move to a smaller manufacturing process, like going from 90nm to 65nm, to reduce costs.


We also asked Chris Satchell, the General Manager of XNA at Microsoft if we could possibly connect a USB keyboard to the 360. He told us that, "we will allow you to plug in a USB keyboard. It's very useful for the text entry.

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I'm happy with the current generation of games. It will take a lot more for Microsoft to convince me that the Xbox 360 represents the next generation of gaming, even though I admit the company's done a great job of building up a lot of excitement over its new machine.

It hasn't been officially announced on the Xbox (https://kislovoadmin.ru/hack/?patch=6475) 360, but sharp-eyed GameSpot editors spied this World War II shooter at the taping of the Xbox (visit this website) 360 premiere event. The PC version of the game will follow the storylines of four different soldiers, as well as offer squad-based combat.


This car combat game hearkens to The Road Warrior and other car combat films and games. Pick a car and outfit it with machine guns, cannons, and other weapons before driving it to battle in the streets of a city called Staunton. Xbox Live (web link) support means you can shoot up your friends and their rides too.

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SonyLIV is geo-blocked, so you’ll need a VPN to access it. I’ve tested it with Surfshark by connecting to India, and it works great. You will need to sign up to use it, though.


Rugby League Live 2 Playstation 3 Screenshot

Passing has been tweaked but unfortunately it’s surprisingly unreliable. The pass buttons themselves seem just as annoyingly fickle as ever and, more often than not, seem to simply ignore your instructions. Spreading the ball from the ruck or from a scrum is handled fairly well, with onscreen guide lines indicating where a player is going to run and face buttons over their heads allowing you to easily choose your receiver and throw a cut-out pass. Unfortunately, the quick pass left or right always seems to catch your first receiver with no momentum, and the deep cut-out passes are no better; they’re a safe pass at the expense of forward velocity. You can snap away flat cut-out passes to have your players running onto the ball with speed but the risk of interception ramps up to unacceptable levels.

I recently heard a phrase with which I was not familiar: the uncanny valley. This refers to the human response toward artificial things that are designed to appear lifelike. The concept boils down to this: As something artificial becomes more and more humanlike in appearance or movement, it initially generates an increasingly positive, empathetic response from humans.