If you are using the latest Teracopy version for Windows 10, you will simply need to select ‘Copy’ and then ‘Paste’. Windows will ask whether you wish to perform the task using Teracopy or Explorer. Select Teracopy and your files will begin copying.

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Upon launching the program, you will come across a mini-bar with two blank boxes titled ‘Drop Files Here’ and ‘Select Target Folder’ if you are using the old version. Then, select the files or folders you wish to copy and right-click to select ‘Copy’. Visit the location where you intend to copy the files.


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Teracopy will display such files at the end of the process so that you are aware of the files that need your attention. Unlike the Windows copier, Teracopy (look at this web-site) offers a lot more information about the copied files. The designers of Teracopy have included dynamic buffers that reduce the seek times. Moreover, in the case of error copies, it will try to run them multiple times but will skip them in the worst case scenario.

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Although Teracopy is a useful program, it is not friendly with amateurs. If you are new to the program, you might find it difficult to navigate through the features and options. Sometimes you will not find clear descriptions or titles of the buttons and this alone could make it difficult to use.

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In addition to that, if it encounters files with errors, it will simply skip them after trying to recover them. Once the process is complete, it will show you the error files that will be needing your attention. This is a noteworthy feature when compared to other programs including Windows copier that will abort the task once an error occurs.